Anna McCarthy
»Bored Rebel in Oberpfaffenhofen«, 2009
Video, sound, colour, 18:00 min.
Courtesy the artist

Anna McCarthy

February 5 – March 4, 2010

Invited by Heike Ander (Curator, Academy of Media Arts, Cologne and kunstraum Munich)

»Bored Rebel in Oberpfaffenhofen« (2009)

In Anna McCarthy’s video »Bored Rebel in Oberpfaffenhofen« a fashion poster in the protagonist’s living room appropriately reads »Chic Bohème – Allure Couture – Glamour Pop«. The »bored rebel« alluded to in the title lives in an apartment resembling a time capsule from the 1950s to the 1970s - filled to the brim with clothes, LPs, posters and other mementos. With her red boots, tight clothes, badge, wide red belt, thick black eye-liner and beehive hairdo, she surrounds herself with female figures such as Eartha Kitt, Loretta Lynn, Brigitte Bardot, Catwoman, Pin-ups and others - figures which embody both sex appeal and emancipatory empowerment. Her demonstratively casual attitude and at the same time an ambivalence with which she parodies herself in a self-satisfied but bored manner - she hangs around her apartment singing along to Nina Hagen »Sie will mit Wasser sich besaufen und paar Blasen blubbern lassen« (eng. "she wants to get drunk on water and blow bubbles underwater"). The video culminates in her (perhaps faked) call to a former comrade-in-arms, whom she unsuccessfully tries to convince to embark on new deeds with her - whereby we never discover what it is they are fighting for or against. The soundtrack dons the role of the commentator: »If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair«. With her sober shots, reminiscent of the grammar of Godard’s films, Anna McCarthy (born in 1981, lives and works in Munich) creates series of environments that resemble 'still-lifes', allegorical right down to the last detail.

»Bored Rebel in Oberpfaffenhofen« is part of Anna McCarthy’s multi-part artistic project called »How to Start a Revolution« (2008-9), which included actions in public space, a newspaper and an archive (library, showcases with relics of the actions, photographs and films).

Text: Heike Ander

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